How we can help you

We know the complexity that goes into creating a world-class park, which is why we have created a comprehensive suite of services based on our first-hand knowledge of the risks and challenges of developing and operating parks.

Operational Consulting

Need help elevating your operational capabilities? Do you want an external opinion on your operation? Looking for ways to maximize your revenue opportunities? Want to compare your safety procedures against world class operations?

Our operational consulting services are bespoke and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Market Research & Feasibility Coordination

At the start of every development a strong Market Research and Feasibility Study should be commissioned to assist in determining the foundation for any project: Size of the available market, projected attendance, competitive landscape, suggested pricing, capital recommendation, size of development and return on investment.

There are numerous companies that provide these services, but who should you use? Will anyone else be able to validate these numbers? Are operational costs accurate?

We have the ability to coordinate this study and provide a peer review to assist in the final report that is delivered.

Strategic Planning

Whether you are an existing park, an expanding park or one that is being developed, your entire business plan in the short and long term should be guided by a strategy that is easy to understand and easy to communicate to the team.

Our hands on approach guides the management team through this process so that it is specific to your park.

Pre-Concept, Concept Design Coordination & Design Review

When designing an expansion or starting from scratch, a comprehensive master plan that provides a detailed layout of the facilities, attractions and amenities is key to the overall process. Unfortunately this phase of development is often completed without any input from an operational perspective.

Our involvement in this phase provides owners with an assurance that the on-going operation is taken into consideration. Attractions, ticketing and pools are always the building blocks that are never forgotten in a design. Back of house work space, employee break areas, future revenue generating kiosks, properly sized seating areas, cabana areas that are easily serviced are just a small handful of the operational elements that those who have not operated are less experienced with.

Our objective in this phase is to provide the Owners with a detailed review of design that allows them to think beyond the construction phase and is realized through improved revenue generating opportunities, reduced staffing, increased safety, greater guest satisfaction and staff efficiencies.

Operational Technical Design Review

(Schematic, Detailed Design, Construction Documents)

Once a design is agreed upon and “locked” into place, the work begins to specify the details in each area. As operators, we are always looking out for the best interests of the park/Owners as it applies to the guest satisfaction, improved revenue generation opportunities, on-going operational costs, ease of maintaining/cleaning the park, and smooth, efficient flow of both guests and colleagues.

We will assist the design team by providing operational input into the specific layout of each area as a voice and representative of the Owner. This is often far more time, communication and collaboration than anyone gives it credit for.

Tender Document Preparation & Review

“The devil is in the details.” There will be numerous RFPs (Request for Proposals) that will need to be generated for everything from Attractions to Filtration to Theming to IT Infrastructure. There are plenty of companies that can and will respond to your RFPs, but if the proposals are not comprehensive, systems will be purchased but may not include everything that you require in the operation. “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

We are here to help navigate those waters to ensure that proposals are detailed and are specific to the needs of the park. We can then review the submissions and be available to field the questions from suppliers and provide a comprehensive summary to Owner for a decision.

Considerable time and money saved as well as the purchasing of systems that deliver what you need are the major benefit of this service.

Client Representation

Be Owner`s representative for all specialist contracts (including but not limited to: MEP, Lead Architect, Ride Manufacturers, Food and Beverage Consultant, Theming Consultants, Interior Designers, Sound and Lighting specialists, Landscaping Consultant, Security Consultant, Signage Consultant).

  • Provide input into all tender`s
  • Source multiple suppliers for each specialist
  • Be available to answer questions from suppliers on tenders
  • Review tenders
  • Provide recommendations to Owner
  • Act as Owner`s technical advisor throughout the Design and Construction until opening
  • Act as liaison with brands and sponsors
  • Assist in reviewing and making recommendations on full lists of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) and Small Operating Equipment (SOE)

Operational Planning

As the development of a park is in full swing, the planning phase for the operation should also be in full swing. We will create a Business Plan that will provide the roadmap for the business and the first 5 years of operation. Annual attendance assumptions, a detailed revenue model, an expense budget, a human resources organization plan, a sales and marketing approach as well as a pre-opening budget are all elements of our Operational Planning Service.


If Icon Global is your management partner managing your park, the entire Pre-Opening phase will fall under our responsibility. Processes, procedures, checklists and forms will all be developed and implemented by the Icon team led by their on-site General Manager and supported by Icon Global Executives who will make monthly visits throughout the process.

Should an Owner decide to operate on their own, Icon Global is also available to assist in Pre-Opening. We will lead the process and ensure the Owner’s team are on the right path. Icon Global will consult, advise, assist and review everything that the operation is doing, however the heavy lifting will be done by the Owner’s team. Icon Global will be on-site monthly (or as frequently as the Owner would like) to support the team.

Management Agreements

Icon Global takes full responsibility for the Profit and Loss Statement of the park and makes all operating and strategic decisions that are within the confines of the agreed budget. The Management Agreement typically is a longer term agreement (between 5 – 10 years) with performance measures in place to ensure targets are achieved.

Operate and Transfer models are also available where Icon Global manages the park for the first few critical years and then provides Operational Consulting during a transition stage to ensure the Owner’s Team are supported during the change.

Experience the advantage of working with a single leading provider to ensure cross-functional consistency to mitigate issues, overcome potential challenges and achieve project success together.